TIPS For New People

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TIPS For New People

Post by Admin on Wed Feb 10, 2016 12:41 pm

Greetings and Welcome to our Server.

Just a few tip to get you started out more easy until we get traders up and also medics etc....

We have placed terminals in all hospitals where you can require buffs , heal wounds etc... Buffs cost credits tho.

Also we placed down merchants over Tatooine where you can buy stuff and help you level like armor/Weapons/vehicles/housing. at these Locations.

Wayfar waypoint -5198 -6575 Armor
Wayfar waypoint -5199 -6571 Armor
Mos Espa waypoint -3072 2056 Armor
Mos Espa waypoint -3040 2052 Factories
Mos Espa Helper_u817
Mos Espa waypoint -3046 2050 Houseing
Mos Entha waypoint 1251 3290 Houseing
Mos Espa Crazy Larry vehicles
Mos Espa waypoint -3056 2049 weapons

We hope this will make it more eaasy for you to lvl up.


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Re: TIPS For New People

Post by veosy on Tue Mar 15, 2016 11:27 pm

nice joke


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