Who are SWG Continuum??

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Who are SWG Continuum??

Post by Admin on Wed Feb 10, 2016 1:46 pm

Hello all and thank you for joining us.

I wanted to take a few minutes just to explain a little about our server and what our goals are for the future so people will understand abit better as we get alot of questions about it.

Who Are We:
We are a small team , the owner and only Dev, Que who also made most of the stuff for Farstar-Reborn our old server,took it upon him to relaunch the server after the old one ran out of funds the old owner wanted to concentrate more on pure NGE and Que always had more of a passion for the old pre cu/Nge Mix so yes he rebuild the server and renamed it SWG Continuum.
at the moment we are running with 2 CRS's and 1 Dev.

Our Goals:
We want to provide you with a server you can login in and have fun,We loved the org. 32 professions so we kept those.
Some of the old professions we are trying to put a new spin on like the Jedi Profession we made that a starter profession but split it up in tiers so you still have choices what way you want to go.
More professions will get some love down the line.
We want to add more nge stuff into the server like the nge TCG loot card houses and vehicles and other cool stuff ,make em as loot or even craftable so that people will have something to work towards.
Also exiting caves filled with awesome loot,new planets also coming down the line so yes fun times lay ahead Smile

We want a play server so no frogs and no giving out free stuff its important as we are such a new server that we build up the community from the start and giving away stuff or adding in frogs will destroy the economy, so that is a choice we took early on.

The Forum:
Right now we are using facebook alot to post updates and advertise to get our name out there, but our goal is that we will be using forum only in the future as soon as we have enough people on here, then we will only use facebook for advertising.
But as our server is pretty new not many know where to go,thank god we still have alot of people from farstar that are coming back and for that we thank you.

No Help Needed:
Right now we are starting out slow and we have the people we need for the playerbase we have, So NO we dont need any GM's CSR's or things like that so please do not ask
Should we in the future need more staff we will put an add up on the forums.

That is it for now
Thank you again for joining us and giving us a chance to show you what we can do , Enjoy your time here and remember to have fun

The Continuum Team


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